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Mr Michael Chin ( physics teacher ):
1.Everytime he enters class , he will say :" 5seconds....." before we greet him.Until now...nost of us are still wondering what the pupose of doing it is.
2."Expect the unexpected"

Mrs Lim ( Biology teacher ):
Paying attention during Biology lessons have been a chore for most of us.We tend to plunge into deep slumber.Lets  say Peter was caught..Mrs Lim will wake him up and say : "Peter, go and wash your face...."

Mr Patrick Zehnder ( PE teacher ):
He has this habit (dunno if its good or decide.... ) of falling in love with students out of the blue.He will hug the boy nearest to him and say:"I LUV YOU BABY!"

Mr Tung ( Math teacher ):
He always loved to " eh.."people."eh"s can be found in virtually every sentenses he said.

Miss Chi ( chem teacher )
"Think harder!"