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This page is all about members of our class who are all so interesting.I realised that many complained that they are not included in the page,please mail me to write what you think should be published on this page as I am also not quite sure what to put in.

Viknesh Varran s/o Samugam:
It has been believed that this son of prodigy has mastered the art of body division.He simply divide and form 4 separate human beings namely
Viknesh ( the main part ) ,Varran,Sam and rite?

This terrible Nightmare-of-every-Treasurer has been giving Tan MingGuang,our treasurer,many sleepless nights,occasionally driving him to the verge of quitting the post.

Another mysterious art he mastered is control over fart.This can be easily illustrated by diagram.
On one occation.....

fart.jpg (9495 bytes) guessed it...the blue circle was viknesh.The arrow shows the path of the fart gas.Vik seems to be directing the fart to the person at the extreme front.The students directly in front of him remain blistfully unaware of the killer gas.But the people at the sides suffered before the gas finally curled to the target.Theories of this phenomenon have been investigated.It has not yet been confirmed todate.

It has been rumoured that Viknesh is currently trying hard to reach a higher level : making a fart appear out of nowhere.No wunder there has been no news of him lately.

This matter of farting is so serious that complaints have been made to the form teacher.Well...Mrs Lim ( form teacher ) merely told viknesh to move his bowel everyday before he come to school.We called him the "silent killer"as he farts without making any noise.You can mail him at

Laughing gang:
Bingjiang,Donny wilianto,Steven Edward and Charles Johannes.
Their presence can be checked by the trademark laughter of Low Bingjiang who is a superhuman who laughs at rate of  10laughters/min when donny is around.Gosh...he laughs so much that his stomach muscles turned tough.Donny Wilianto(leader of the pack)is extremely good atdrawing cartoons...especially anime.Believed to be the most matured guy in class.

Tan Ming Guang:
Also known as Hands of Destruction.NEVER let him get hold of anything thats yours or they will have very slim change of being returned intact.Class treasurer who has been suspected of misappropriating class funds for buying things in taka.Special Ability : sleep with eyes open.

Bruce Wong:
The pull up machine of our class...a proud member of NCC....can do 27 pull-ups!Official member of the Wong Family ( a.k.a. Wongs united ) of the class.

The Jasons:
Jason wong (beng Jason) Jason Ow (political Jason) and Jason cheong (cheehong Jason)
Jason wong has great affinity for Valentino wunderz how the hell he has been given the green tie(prefect).A lover of Chinese songs..Proud member of Wongs Family.
Jason cheong is best friend of Roy ...go chee hong together...always eat food in class ex-class treasurer who was sacked by the gist of not taking out his diary during assembly.
Jason Ow is a very up to date.Know about the latest news.Especially political ones....very concerned about the stocks market...

Andre Wong:
A loyal fan  of the Wongs Family.Very low profile....thats y so little thing to write about him.....

Wongs Family ( Wongs United )
Group of 5 idiots namely Wong Mingqian,Andre Wong,Wong Boonkiong,Bruce Wong and JasonWong .